That's right!! Now you can use Young Living essential oils and other oil-infused products ( and there are over 600) WITHOUT becoming a member or buying a " starter kit" HOORAY!!  Young Living's mission has always been to get essential oils into every home and this makes it so much easier. Learn more about Young Living's Seed to Seal Promise at 

Each of us is unique. Our bodies have different needs. Now, you can purchase Young Living's life-changing products on YOUR terms. Now, I will always say, the starter bundles are the biggest bang for your buck BUT now you have a choice. You can even unlock the wholesale discount by adding a product to our Subscribe to Save program or by placing a 100 PV order ( roughly $100) BUT you don't have to and that's the beauty of it!!

 You can now design your own wellness bundle with just what you want and nothing more. Or you can pick one above and add to it if you like. If you need a little help deciding which products you might want to try, I am happy to help.  Shoot me an email at  and let's chat.

                                                                          I Need A little Help Designing My Bundle

Here are a few ideas to get you going: Each of these can be tailored to your needs. That is what I love about natural alternatives. There is no one size fits all, cookie-cutter approach.

Energy  Bundle
Skincare Bundle
Fitness Bundle
Makeup Bundle
Digestive Health Bundle
Emotional Health Bundle

You never have to wonder about Young Living products and what ingredients they use. Check out the Seed to Seal link above.  Learn more about ingredients Young Living will never use HERE.

This is an exciting change and is so many people are already grabbing those essential oils or other products they have been wanting to try. Now, you can too.  What oils have you always wanted to try?
                                                                             Design Your Personalized Bundle Now
Wellness... On Your Terms
Because You Were Created Unique