The  Clean Beauty Revolution

For generations wearing makeup meant covering your skin in harsh, even toxic, chemicals. For the last few decades, we’ve seen the rise of clean beauty and all the buzz words that go with it: paraben-free, phthalate-free, etc. What does that even mean? With Savvy Minerals by Young Living®, you can be confident you are part of The NEW Standard in Clean Beauty™. 

Young Living is leading the clean beauty revolution by not only banning the mainstream questionable ingredients but also taking a deeper look at what you should really be putting on your skin to nourish it. This means they have banned even more ingredients than the 1,328 prohibited by the European Union.  Banning more than 2,500 ingredients and even some “natural ingredients” other clean makeup companies use. 

Whew, and you thought Young Living was JUST the world's largest essential oil company.

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